Building a new health data marketplace.
Generating a new opportunity.

We’re building a new marketplace in which health care organizations, employers, food and drug retailers, and service providers exchange health data. It’s a whole new digital infrastructure that will allow for the safe transfer and refinement of data — data that will improve patients’ health, improve quality of care and outcomes, enhance benefit designs, and contain health care costs. And benefits everyone.

Join the marketplace.

The vitaTrackr marketplace is where both sources and users of data have a place to align their interests.
A marketplace where the value of healthcare data creates a self-sustaining system of incentives for gathering data and then puts it to use for the benefit of the entire healthcare system or a single individual.

Everyone benefits.

The patient/consumer gets their personal data for free, since the cost of gathering and housing it is borne by the businesses and organizations that find value both in specific, individual data, and in depersonalized aggregate data. vitaTrackr is building the new digital infrastructure for a marketplace where these connections will be possible.

A health care data marketplace that creates a 100% opportunity.

Healthcare is an 80/20 industry. 20% of the population drive 80% of the cost. Health monitoring and data management has been shown to improve outcomes and dramatically lower the cost of care for the chronically ill. Meanwhile, it provides early indicators and trends for the 80%, the “perceived well,” when intervention tends to be easier, with better outcomes and lower costs. Incentives to participate apply across the entire population.

About security and privacy

VitaTrackr is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest privacy and security standards in the capture and management of health and health care data. It is our mission to lead the health data industry in security and compliance, and to be an active participant in the development and implementation of future standards.

All aspects of vitaTrackr's operations that involve health care data are
fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

Please contact us with specific questions or concerns.



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